Back after a long hiatus

After about five months and several mishaps later, we are back with all the apologies in the world.

This long interruption was not due to any paucity of musical soirees in our beloved city – it had several reasons and all of them personal ones.

On April 25 2012, Mrs. Snigdha Basu, wife of our member Milan Basu, lost her battle after a prolonged illness and passed away leaving her bereaved husband and two young daughters behind.

April also saw Sri R N Ghosh, father of our member Santanu Ghosh, develop serious ailments. After being hospitalized twice within the next couple of months, he left for a higher abode on July 1 2012.

Needless to say, all the members were united in their earnest efforts to support Milan and Santanu during their difficult times. We all wish peace to the departed souls.

Mostly these, along with some other minor ones, were the reasons for this long break. However, though we missed attending one or two programs, all the rest were attended by one member or another. We will try to update our site with as much of their details as possible very soon.

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