Bangla Sangeetmela 2012 on 13th – 14th April 2012

To continue with our last post about this program on 12th April 2012, we were finally able to procure the tickets, which were being sold at the gate of the auditorium.

As an example of the various mismanagement issues we had faced for this program, here is the ticket of the program which said it would start at 5:30 pm, which was later corrected by hand to 9:30 pm, whereas all the banners and advertisements claimed that the program starts at 10:00 pm!

Details of the performances are not available after so long a time (four and half months), so the photos are its only memories.

By the way, we met a nice young lady named Bidisha at the auditorium. When we were discussing the raag Vilaskhani Todi, she, as a student of Indian classical music became interested in it too and Milan and Bidisha had a nice jamming session together on the stairs of Ravindra Sadan. A portion of it was captured by our resident videographer – here is the video clip if you want to watch.

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