An evening of dhrupad with H Sayeeduddin Dagar

Dhrupad recital by H Sayeeduddin Dagar on 3rd August 2012 at G D Birla Sabhagar

On the eve of 3rd August 2012, Calcutta was fortunate to be treated with a recital from the dhrupad exponent Sri H  Sayeeuddin Dagar, who is none other than the son and disciple of the illustrious “Tansen Pandey of Calcutta” – late Hussainuddin Khan Dagar. The program was organized by Sangeet Ashram and was held at G D Birla Sabhagar, Calcutta.

Though weak from being released from the hospital a few days earlier, his immense dedication and love for his art let him forget all about himself as he immersed himself and his audience with touching recitals of raag Adbhut Kalyan, raag Behaag with some dhamar to conclude his program.

He was ably accompanied on pakhwaj by Sri Mohanlal Sharma.


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