Sorry for the delay

The site could not be updated for more than a week due to broadband connectivity issues.

All contents that could not be posted will be there as soon as possible.

Sorry for the delay.

Our new Event Calendar introduced

When you visit the Programs page from today onwards, the first thing you’ll notice is the our new event calendar, which was introduced today.

It will help us to have a structured view of the events that would take place or have taken place during the current month. You can easily navigate to previous or coming months too by pressing the two arrows (left/right) on the top of the calendar. A single click on any of the events on the calendar will pop-up the event details.

This calendar is also supposed to send automatic reminder emails to all the members a day before the event occurs – so let me know if you are not receiving them.

You’ll also find our past text based program schedule being maintained below the calendar – but as maintaining both of them is a tedious job and involves duplication of work, the plan is to keep only one of them based on your feedback.

So please take a moment and let me know which one you would prefer.

A rare opportunity

Calcutta will have the rare opportunity to listen to a sitar recital by the renowned and elusive Rais Khan. Being arranged by Sangeet Ashram, the program will be held at G D Birla Sabhagar on the evening of 17th November 2012.

According to the organizers, Rais Khan is arriving from his domicile Pakistan directly to Calcutta for this program. We have also been informed that he might be accompanied by his sons Farhan Khan and Suhel Khan.

The Programs page has been updated with the details.

Back after a long hiatus

After about five months and several mishaps later, we are back with all the apologies in the world.

This long interruption was not due to any paucity of musical soirees in our beloved city – it had several reasons and all of them personal ones.

On April 25 2012, Mrs. Snigdha Basu, wife of our member Milan Basu, lost her battle after a prolonged illness and passed away leaving her bereaved husband and two young daughters behind.

April also saw Sri R N Ghosh, father of our member Santanu Ghosh, develop serious ailments. After being hospitalized twice within the next couple of months, he left for a higher abode on July 1 2012.

Needless to say, all the members were united in their earnest efforts to support Milan and Santanu during their difficult times. We all wish peace to the departed souls.

Mostly these, along with some other minor ones, were the reasons for this long break. However, though we missed attending one or two programs, all the rest were attended by one member or another. We will try to update our site with as much of their details as possible very soon.

Nightlong Indian classical music program announced amidst total mismanagement

Sangeet Mela 2012 Banner (click to enlarge)

The 2012 edition of the annual Bangla Sangeet Mela (previously known as Gaan Mela) program has been announced by the Information and Cultural Ministry of the Government of West Bengal. This has been posted in our Programs page.

Though this annual extravaganza covers a wide range of music performed at several venues in Calcutta for several days, Indian classical music is given a single nightlong slot. And that’s what we had always been interested in.

However, this year was quite different from the past years in terms of convenience. First off, the program had no prior information and its ads were published only today, the day it was being inaugurated! Also, the ads were not consistent across all the newspapers.

One of the ads told us that there will be tickets to this program, but none of the ads had any information about where or when the tickets will be available!

But as our program happens tomorrow, some of us went over to Rabindra Sadan for the tickets. I took a snapshot of the banner the organizers had up there – surprisingly it too didn’t have any information on when or where to procure the tickets.

The single ticket counter open at Rabindra Sadan was selling some theater tickets and the clerk (or anybody else) didn’t have a clue about what we were asking for. And to think all these happened as its inaugural program was being held at the Netaji Indoor Stadium, not far from where we were standing!

We tried to visit the website of the ministry – but all it had on the program was a short paragraph inside a PDF file, claiming it as “details”! The West Bengal Information and Cultural Center website maintained by the the Central Government didn’t have any sign of this program on their calendar of events in West Bengal either!

Not knowing what else to do, we returned without any tickets (or any information on how to procure them) from this extravaganza of mismanagement. We will try to return tomorrow afternoon there in the faint hope of getting hold of someone who knows which mountains the unfortunate music-lovers should move to get inside.