Video of Sitar recital by Sayani Basu

During the memorial event for Late Prof Badal Das, Denner Milan Basu’s younger daughter Sayani Basu gave her first public performance on Sitar recital.

This is the recital’s video.

All are encouraged to watch it and comment on her performance.

The first evening of Purav Ang Gayaki Utsav 2012 – 2013

This gallery contains 10 photos.

The festival of Purav Ang Gayaki Utsav, held yearly in Calcutta, Varanasi and Delhi, celebrates the unique musical heritage of the Ganga-Yamuna region. The festival is organized by VSK Baithak, lead by Sri Vinod S Kapur, who is tireless in … Continue reading

A “Triswara” tune

Can an entire tune be composed using only three notes?

Ilayaraja makes it possible – watch the latest video added to our Videos page, where he performs his composition of a Triswara tune using only the first three notes Sa-Re-Ga. He is accompanied in the vocals by our own Shreya Ghoshal.

Thanks to Chalu for letting us have this wonderful video from his collection.

By the way – does anyone know the relation between Santanu and Triswara? (Chalu knows – so he doesn’t qualify to answer)