Who are we ?

Overladen is a group of like-minded Indian classical music lovers – almost all of whom met each other at the Dover Lane Music Conference (held every year in Calcutta, India) over the past years.

Why “Overladen” ??!!

The group’s name “Overladen” (with music) is an anagram of “Dover Lane” as an acknowledgement to the fact mentioned above and as a tribute to this long-lived musical show. It is only 60 years old now and we all wish it many more years of togetherness with music and its lovers.

Points to remember

In our blog, we have started to follow these practices:

  • We do not use titles or prefixes to persons’ names in the caption of their photographs. This is done in order to save space as the numbers of persons in a photograph can be many but it’s caption space limited.
  • We use only “Sri/Mr” and “Smt/Mrs” as titles of courtesy for males and females respectively in the body text of our posts. “Dr” is also used wherever applicable. Titles such as “Ustad”, “Pandit”, “Vidushi” are never used in order to avoid controversy as no documented process of felicitation for these titles exists in our knowledge.

The above practices are in no way an act of irreverence to the level of mastery of an artiste, some of whom we hold in our highest regard. We hope they and our readers will understand our position and won’t mind.

Help us

We are neither full-time bloggers nor experts of Indian classical music. So we would appreciate all efforts to help us by suggesting corrections, improvements or by giving us any kind of feedback. Please use our Contact page if you want to do so.

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